Saturday, April 14, 2012

Brave Enough

Yes, when the mouth is talking doesn't mean the person is brave. the person is brave when the action is been taken. Just now I found a blog. Someone I knew. Reading every words that she is writing, I which I have that guts to write like that. I have a lot of issues to be taken considered by human being. but I don't have guts. I never did and probably never does. ok that is negativity. plus, I'm not that good in writing anyway. Each time I press the icon "Blogger: Dashboard" on top of my Google Chrome I usually become clueless. nothing to writes. 

but meet me personally, I'll talk non-stop for few days! especially when that person is with me in the same page! 

and maybe I'll be brave enough to write an e-mail to Dato' Dr. Faiz regarding my opinion.

ps: maybe I should take to consideration. Friends only not more than that. Because it hurts sometimes. 

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