Monday, April 2, 2012

It was yesterday

It was yesterday, we went out for dinner! :)
oh yea! yesterday was April fool. 
and it was yesterday, I've walked at the same road but noticed a lot of difference just in a day! :O 
Whether all those stuffs been there and I just noticed it. there is a flower on the path :) and weirdly makes me smile. :)

it was just this bunch. not much. but today, there's not more this beautiful flower anymore.

Later that night, we went out. 4 cars! :) NEDPRO members! :D can click to enlarge :) 
it was super duper fun! :D and a lot of laughter! I'm glad I went out with them :D 

Finally, it was just now. I was in the class. MMSed this picture to my mom :D and I know that pimple or what ever scar on my face. I don't care. bhahahaa! 

oh. bila susah sibuk mintak tolong, bila nak tengok pun tak kasi. hmph. fine. percayalah orang takkan nak tanya or mintak dah. I'll never mentioned it anymore. berlagak! oh! kalau nak mintak tolong, memang tak dah la! berlagak!

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