Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Stop it!

Biasalah manusia, mana pernah nak puas?

betul tak? dah kata nafsu memang begitu. yes. memang kebanyakkan orang macam tu. saya pun begitu. ada masanya kita akan rasa.. eh kan best kalau macam itu macam ini.. tapi saya ada terjumpa dengan orang yang belum pernah lagi saya dengar perkataan itu dari mulut dia sendiri. baru je add dia dekat Facebook. the way dia tulis entry blog dia. the way that dia view things. very interesting. dia sendiri sangat interesting. humble I must say :)

Honestly, I'm open. and try to be as open minded as I can. mixing around with other races and religion, I have to stay open minded and have my own stand. they have their point of view. they have their experiences I can't say that they are wrong but changing other people perspective is hard. even myself. I believe in few things. and I still keep holding it all this while because I believe in it.

1. I always believe of the power of TECHNICAL ANALYSIS! lecturers and all those expert people around mesti cakap technical analysis is bull****. it's so hard to accept that fact! seriously. very hard! (T_T)

2. I believe that somewhere out there, there are people who believe in kindness. doing things for people and themselves without thinking about profit. Where I believe regardless what race or religion you are. Doing for the sake of committee without thinking about profit. those people really exists. 

for those who really think that their life suck. just look around. look hard. and think hard. you actually is the most luckiest person alive. What ever decisions that you've made. there always a gold lining behind the cloud. hahaha! gold! gold! :P

And I'm trying hard to appreciate more of my life and hope all of you too! :)

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