Friday, April 6, 2012


There were people out there just wanted to graduate as early as they can. this is the moment I looked back on my past and my decisions I've made. I won't say that I regret in my own action by being so introvert in high school and diploma years, at least I get what I wanted.  :') I'm so thankful of that. 

I would say that my experience here is priceless! meeting with new people and encounter all kind of situation. dealing with myself and others. Honestly, whenever I walk back to my DPP alone, I will miss this university. I know that current university is not the top 10 IPT in Malaysia but I really grateful on making this decision. Yes. there are flaw everywhere, but the people and friends in it makes me so happy. :D

I've met cool people and nice people around. I'm really gonna miss this place. I know I have another 1 year here. believe me. A year is a very short period of time. I'm experiencing everything for the first time. Even how hard my head is pushing it away, I'm forcing myself to do it anyway. There is a lot of unexpected things happened. study in the nature and close to nature is very relaxing. I don't really care about the entertainment that much. 

I don't care. This experience is priceless and I really love it here. :'D

and after 26th April there will be a special and priceless entry! :D 

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