Saturday, April 7, 2012

Paper+Pen =

Things that I do this semester.



errr. What do you think it is?

due to my memory problem, I need to do this everyday.


I wrote thing that I have to do or else I'll forget. =.=''

yes. I'm that old. =.='' 

sometime after this, probably I'll forget who am I. bhahaa!

and lately I always get "Hi" from people in the campus, but I really can't remember who he/she is. =.='' 


even I forget to attend class!! seee!!! MY PROBLEM IS GETTING WORSE!

but yet, I have friends reminded me that I have class on Monday and Thursday at 3.30 :D

love them!! :DDD

and I always mixed up with the days! when tomorrow is Monday, I thought it was Tuesday! then when Tuesday comes, I thought that day is Friday =.='' SEEEE!!!!


Ummul said...

at least you make an effort to overcome your problem. some people does care even they already knew their weakness. sigh. poor this people.

Fiqa said...

need to make an effort sebab dah teruk sangat. nanti semua benda tak buat! =.='' need to know my priority in my busy-ness :D