Friday, April 13, 2012


Problems is every where. It just how you actually handle the problem at matters. A thing about me, I like to observe, I like to make my own assumptions based on my perspective but of course I can't tell everyone that. writing this down would help a little. on my thinking. :D

but apart of that, I know that somewhere somehow there is a pure hearted person, not thinking for their own psychical rewards but spiritual rewards indeed. so, my mission is still on! pakcik! you can't influence me!

I'm on a mission on my own. Not everyone knows about it. and a thing that I really believe in. no matter what people say. no matter how the situation treat me badly. I miraculously really believe it. 

The thing is, I really fight for all of you. but few of them really shows effort. I know I'm not a prime minister but keep moving forward and please change. 

and a status update not regarding SIFE, It is about you. evey time every time. I don't know why.

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