Monday, April 16, 2012

My Achievement

those who are friends with me on Facebook probably saw these earlier. :)
this is the list that I wanted to achieve during a week holiday.

which a week has gone. this is the only task that I can get it done! of course the first two days I could have my plenty of sleep. then I clean up my room twice! need to be done! I didn't accomplish anything related to exercise (T_T) then half way study. Library was closed and I did iron clothes for this week! :D

A week seems so short for me! and believe it or not I love the silence! :D it was so peaceful! :D not scary at all! :D except the cockroaches!

and over the semester break! Mel mel accompany me! this is a funny picture of her! bhahahaha!
she almost drank my MILO! :/ she sleep over my room and having lunch and dinner at my room too! :) sweet cat! :D now she is mother-to-be! :D and I was studying at time this cat needs attention. =.=''

Then meet this glassy eyed cat! she has a galaxy in her eyes! mesmerizing! super duper cute and adorable! at first she is nice and behave. now.. errr.. not that behave at all. and she is very sloppy for a cat!

note: I hate myself for having those negativity! :'(

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