Monday, April 25, 2011


1. A well-mannered and considerate man with high standards of proper behavior.
2. One who considers other people's feelings, thoughts, situations and how what I do may affect them.

These are taken from the internet. 
Starting from middle of last year, I don't know what came to me but I was searching or maybe calculating how many gentleman would I found for my whole life since my age of 21. Honestly I did found some. In UiTM Shah Alam wasn't that significantly exist but there are about 2 people that I found. In UUM, it is different where there are some considerate people here! :)
Situation #1:
A chinese guy and chinese girl basically are friends (I guess).. The girl are holding a laptop bag and few books in her hand which makes her hand are quite full and the guy (her friend) next to her actually offer to hold for her!! aaawwww~~~

Situation #2:
I was heading to PKP carrying up to 6boxes at one time, and 2 malay guys are offering to send them to PKP because they were riding motor and on the way, I another malay guy offered his help to bring to PKP! :)))

Situation #3:
A chinese guy in my Managerial Math class.. I never talk to him but I was holding attendance try to pass at the opposite row which I have to stand up, before I need to stand up and pass, that guy actually stand up and take the attendance from me. ok, now I think he really need desperately to sign the attendance! hahahaha~

Situation #4:
When trying to ride a bus, a few guys here giving female passenger to hop in first! that is really sweet of them! :)

Situation #5:
A guy holding an umbrella for a girl :)

Situation #6:
A guy that brave enough to ask question for behalf of a girl :)
Situation #7:
asking for me to go dinner with him and bought me a drink and send me back to my hostel even his hostel is far away!! :)) Thank you! and that is a chinese guy :)

I can't think anymore situation. and when I started to write this post, I started to think, why there are no issues regarding being "a lady" ???!!! Why always an issue about being "Gentleman"?? hurmm.. I'm a discriminator!! hahahaha~

For me, being a gentleman shows your characteristic... Are you a caring person for just person that take things for granted. How you really appreciate things around you. How you really view things. Are your thinking like a matured person. 

As I'm comparing to other country citizen, hahaha!!! Japan and Australia.. They are really really really civilized! I really love the attention they are not even muslims to actually respect to us who are covered with tudung! it just because we are WOMEN. 
a real reaction from a person named "Men"
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As always, it's kinda depressing but I'll have to accept that is the truth and you won't be able to change that perspective. Those are men we are talking. They just would stay like that. Everything is a small matter to them.

Tapi tak bermakna semua orang kat Jepun dengan Australia tu semua gentleman tapi kebanyakkannya.... 

Jadi renung-renungkan lah..


Ummul said...

well..its subjective to define gentlemen actually. but those situations that Fiqah listed down definitely very sweettt.. ;)

Fiqa said...

kan?! gentleman-nya orang2 kat sini! :) quite a number for a short period of time.