Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My Day

so, this is how my day went. :)

Supposed not to have anything on Tuesday but my Tuesdays always filled with things I have to do... Which I love if I have things to do compare not to do anything. so, went for meeting for SDG and lunch and went to library until 4.00pm.

I chatted with my new friend! YEA!! Hoping that it would turn out to be some good and a friendship that will lasts. :)

Then I had my test for German Class :))

and on the way I eat a bread and bought some bread for my friend and some random guy teases me; "You eat one bread but i keep another bread" hahaha!! random! and funny!! :)))

so, that basically my day went :)

oh!! normal la kan. there will be a lot of people around the globe. but what do you felt, when you could do your assignment, but you gave excuses to others? That sound so lame dude~

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