Saturday, April 2, 2011


Since I entered here, a lot of questions have been answered :)

I don't know what happen and I don't know why I have that kind of thinking. But studying about History of Malaysia and Ethic Relationship really makes me understand more and more. I love when from assignment I could learn much more! Such as Company Analysis and other finance subjects.

But when the question have been answered, more and more question popped up! :) but basically about Malaysia. <3

When I felt sad due to the environment, it makes me so motivated to learn and learn more about where are the mistakes and how to improve it. More spontaneous question being asked and willing to take the risk on knowing the truth.

Reading 13 May 1969 by Leon Comber really opened my mind and shocked on what really happened. By doing assignment and Malaysian issues exposed me to other related issues too! :)

by the way; I really <3 Malaysia :D
Proud to be one :D

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