Saturday, April 16, 2011


I've been missing for few days. :)
my laptop's charger broke down. :(
but now is already okay! weeee~~

I don't know what to update. but pretty relax not too busy. but I really want to share to you about encountering new experience :D it was great and awesome! I wish people would change. I really wish. but, I'll do my best to influence people!

My brother have my broadband because I'm using UUM's internet connection which is superb! :) Until now, I really glad I make the decision even how badly I miss all of you! but honestly! all new friends I've made here can't replace all of you! everyone of you really special :D I really hoping that I could make more and more good experience from here. I met a lot of people, married, have a baby, working, older than me 6 years... younger. and I'm telling you that I really hope that I would stay as positive as I can. :)

nothing changed with you. so, I really kinda hate cha. :P

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