Monday, November 15, 2010

15 November

muahahaa~ Have to wait few more years for the "future me" thing. Click here. Where now I already forget what did I write and I'm planning to do another future post =)

Thank you everyone for the wishes and thank you to facebook for remind everyone =D

 Cake White Chocolate.Yummy =d. Thanks for my lovely sister (eh? lagi lovely?)

 Receive BIRTHDAY CARD from UMMUL!!! Thank you!!! :-*

 Ini Megat si Gedik. XD

 My lovely sister belikan dia sikat. Megat is on my mom's lap. Tengah guna sikat biru.

Ini muka suka dia disikat dan dimanjakan. Gedik bukan?

I really like to put. "haha" "hehe" "huhu"... =D
That's all from me =D weeee~


Ummul Khairiah said...

Happy Birthday,Fiqah!

azrina said...

Happy Birthday sexy beast! :))

Fiqa said...

ummul>> =D
azrina>> thanks =P