Friday, November 26, 2010

Phobia of....

Entophobia and Ornithophobia <- This is for fear of flying insects and birds. =(

I may have a weird phobia, but as far as I can remember. I really have phobias for flying insects or animals. When I was a kid, I really hate butterflies farm and rather sitting outside watching the scorpions instead. =)

Encounter those guys (flying animal and insects) could make me run or jump extra miles! hahahaa~ suddenly I could do High Jump or Long Jump! hahahaa~ I get really irritated by those guys (flying animals and insects). It's kind of normal for people to hate cockroaches or beetles; but I get scared of butterflies and birds! and anything that flies! How weird is that?!

Well, if the butterfly look like this, I'll probably eat it already =d

There's something with the blue bird~ XD

So, I don't have fear of flying in the air. And don't have fear of heights. I don't know what happened when I was a child; but I really do afraid of flying animals even the smallest to the biggest! Weird right? Do anyone have phobias in anything? Share! Share =D

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