Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Nothing Interesting.

你不要害怕,我会陪你。 虽然你的问题很多, 有些我也没有能力解决,但是我会陪你面对。 所以你不用害怕。无论如何我都在。-我的排隊情人-

Supposedly update my blog few days ago, but I was so lazy so I decide to update it today. :)

Currently the internet connection is so slow.(Y___Y). Catching up all the Taiwanese drama such as; Endless Love and Volleyball Lovers and not to forget the variety show; 100% Entertainment at sugoideas.com.tw. So many to choose from!! wow!! weeeee~~~

The quote is from "volleyball lovers" is when Bai QuanRui(guy) said to Xin HaiJing(babe) sounds like this; 
"you don't have to be afraid, I'll be by your side. Even though you have a lot of problems and some of that I can't help you to solve it, but I'll be there for you. So, you don't have to be afraid. What ever happens I'll be there"

So, I dedicated to all my friends. Whenever you in need, just I'll be there and hope you'll do the same to anyone. And a small reminder to all of you and think back who helped you before. Just be there and be a good friend. =D

People always forget and make mistake. Most important is don't make and the same mistake and admit your mistakes.

See I don't have anything to share anymore! =(

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