Friday, November 12, 2010

Hot Guys

Since now is semester break, I have nothing to update about. I was watching Chuck and Vampire Diaries latest season. I'm thinking how hot they are. Since my taste of guys are probably different from you guys, so here are few thing that I personally think YES YES and NO NO

So I start with what I NO NO like;
1. Skinny pants or jeans.

This is a no-no to me. I really don't like guys wearing any skinny pants. It just turn off for me! But thinking back, there is a singer I like wearing skinny pants = Nick Chou (Y__Y).
2.Coloured Pants.

This is another thing that really don't like. Urgh! Seriously.. Coloured pants?? EEEWWWW!! I don't  care whether it is in the fashion or something I just don't like it.

3. Messy or Long Hair
Don't like at all! This is messy and long hair. This is long! ok! In my view this is very long and messy... Maybe that's make me don't like Tom Welling and also Jared Padalecki.

4. Too skinny.

Even for a gurl or a guy. Too skinny is not that hot. Make it just nice. =D ok, asian are skinny. No buncit-buncit. XD

5. DEEP V-Neck

I really don't like really deep "V" neck cut~ also known as "Douchbag Neck" hahahaa~ eeewww.. you look gay! hahahaa~

What is a YES YES to me;
1. Short or Neat Haircut.
I always put Jensen Ackles pictures here. So, I've changed to someone else, Josh!! hehe~ I really want to put all Jensen picture as a "YES YES".

2. Normal V-Neck
It just complements your shoulders! It makes you look buff-ier!! Maybe it just me~ but I really does think like that!! Seriously! =D Don't you think so?

3.Dark Hair

I do prefer guys with darker hair. =D

4. Facial Hair

I obsessed over facial hair!!! Please HELP ME!! 

But everything I just mentioned it just MY personal view on hot guys. Any objection put in your blog and leaves your URL I'll read and comment =D
It just an appearance for me, inside it the most important of all and being who you are is the most important. Girls will fall for you over your attitude and heart not appearance. What you inside shows who you outside. =)

ok!! I just have to put his picture!!! I loves his smile!!! Seriously!!!


FYI; I'm done with Korean Entertainment not forever I still hears their songs and I'm not following new groups of their news. I'm just listening on good stuffs. I'm back Chinese Entertainment!!! =D
I just don't like when too many people likes the same thing. I don't know why. That's why I like Jensen, Wilber Pan, Nick Chou. =D

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